GoogleBiz Women in ICT

GoogleBiz is providing IT Consultancy Services to all kind of Organizations. The areas are:-

  • IT Audit
  • Network & Infrastructure Security
  • Designing and Implementation of Network & Infrastructure (LAN, WAN, WLAN)

“Security of your IT Infrastructure is much more important than physical Security of your business assets”

Please read the following questions.  Remember, you are not supposed to answer these questions.  Rather, you can consult us to find the answers:-

  • Is your Network Manageable or …… Just a Mess of devices?
  • Is your Network designed correctly?
  • Is your Network Secure?
  • Is  your wireless Secure?
  • Are your Server Machines Secure?
  • Are your operating systems Secure?
  • Are your application software secure?
  • Are your ports secure?
  • Are your passwords strong and secure?
  • Does your hardware supports the latest OS, Applications and Data?
  • Are your IT professionals well trained to the upcoming technologies?

These are absolutely not the ALL questions you should concerned about your IT infrastructure.  This is very much specialized job and we know it very well. There are lots of other areas to investigate and finalize the IT Audit / Security report.