Android Development

GoogleBiz android

GoogleBiz has designed Android Application Development Course for Students and Professionals. Its a 3 to 4 months course which covers all the requirements to become a Professional Android Developer.

Android Applications Development – Course Outline

  • Java/OOP Essentials – Free*
  • Introduction to Android Mobile Apps
  • Android Architecture
  • Android Stack, Features, Layers
  • Kernel, Libraries, Runtime, Framework
  • Installation of Android Studio
  • Installation of other development tools
  • Working with Android Projects
  • Android Components (Activities, Services, Broadcast, Contents)
  • Building User Interface with Activities
  • Android System Overview
  • Advanced Android User Interface
  • Multithreading, Styles & Themes
  • Multimedia in Android
  • Google Maps Services
  • My SQL Database
  • Content Providers
  • Data Storage, Retrieval and Sharing
  • Sensors, Wifi, Telephony, Camera etc.
  • Final Project

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